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The total land area is about 32,000 m2, in which, there are more than 15,000 m2 indoor fabrication area, and all the workshops are equipped with batches of various processing, welding, sandblasting and so on equipments, such as Crane, Shearing Machine, Bending Machine, Straightening Machine, Profile Modeling Cutter, various welding equipment (e.g. CO2 Welding Machine, TIG Welding Machine etc.). the capacity of large steel structure products is up to 20,000 tons per year.


●The sample

Category A:Processing Equipment 


                       5 MTs Crane                                                        10 MTs Crane                                          20 MTs Crane


                       Bending Machine                          Punching Equipment                                           Shearing Machine      


                       TIG Welding Machine                              Plasma Cutter                                         TIG Welding Machine

 CNC Flame/Plasma cutting Machine           Hydraulic lifter                               CO2 Welding Machine                                                   

Category B:Measuring Equipment


    X Ray Detector                         Magnetic Particle Detector                          Ultrasonic Detector 


         Sandblasting Profile Gauge           Cross-cut method paint adhesion test kit                 Outside Micrometer


                   Dial Vernier Caliper              Pull-off paint adhesion measuring instrument           Clamp Amperemeter


 Digital angle measuring instrument                       Fillet Weld Size Gauge                                      Angle Gauge       


                 Torque Wrench                                            Vernier Caliper                                     Micrometer, Filler Gauge              


             Steel Tape, Angle Tape                  Temperature and Humidity Dew Point Meter          Digital Coating Film Thickness Gauge

●General Arrangement of GZ Delsun wrokshop :